Get a room! Decouple your intimately integrated applications

You may know the scenario:  your channel and your core banking platform have been hand in hand for decades.  When one system needs a minor change it ripples major changes throughout the stack — deeply intertwined systems are brittle to change and evaluating and implementing new requirements can be mind bending.  As a result, these types of systems carry greater operational risk.

The answer is to develop an integration strategy and introduce an intermediary.

When considering a new core banking platform or channel solution, implementing an intermediary layer can help abstract the systems and help isolate changes impacting one from the other.

Many vendors have products which serve as ESB’s, integration servers, etc.  SOA approaches to integration have been proven in many industries.  It is important to begin with a clear strategic objective and to design with that intention in mind.

A decoupling strategy helps to separate logical layers (e.g., channels from core processing systems), isolate systems at different stages of life-cycle, stage and plan for systems modernization or retirement, or just to prepare for the unknown.

If your applications have been just a bit too friendly — consider decoupling.

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