It might be time to transform your legacy banking platform if..

  1. Uptime is not measured in terms of nines but instead in terms of ones
  2. The ubiquitous channel infrastructure is actually a typewriter
  3. Your end of day batch window is actually longer than your daily processing window
  4. Mobile banking involves a generator, a green screen terminal, and a very long cable
  5. Local popsicle stick, binder twine and duct tape vendors are completely out of stock and backordered
  6. Customers can have any kind of lending of product as long as they are fixed at 10% interest, with a 10yr term with a payment every fortnight
  7. Code comments are written in olde english (Þæt wæs gōd subroutine!)
  8. Payment processing posting dates are overloaded single digit values
  9. Financial statements include an asterisk indicating that all values are estimates
  10. The centre of the architecture includes a Babbage difference engine
  11. Your ATM network includes string, tin cans and a small fleet of elite carrier pigeons
  12. Customer balances go to five digits and then rollover back to zero

All joking aside, if a system is no longer fit for purpose it is time to construct a plan to replace it!

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    1. Nice Kris, I’d like add below:
      13. The buddies supporting your systems are researching retirement homes everyday.
      14. You need endlessly telling people who using your system, ‘please don’t tap on green screen.’
      15. Data and transactions need be riskily replicated between online banking, tele-banking and ATM.
      16. When you Google the error message from your systems, the search engine returns song lyric back to 30’s or 40’s.

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