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This is the time of year when I like to take an inventory of how things are going, what the last year held and what I want to achieve in the coming year.  It might be that this is the period when I generally take some time to relax and enjoy family and this pause lends itself to some reflection.

When I look at the stats for the blog, this has been a great year of growth and the building of a community around banking transformation.  I started writing articles here because I am passionate about banking transformation and I find writing down ideas and sharing them helps me develop new ideas and confirm my theories.

These days the blog sees almost 40k hits per month with some great growth, insightful comments, and a mix of regular readers and new visitors.  The articles that have resonated most with readers have focused on the challenges of the transformation program, tackling the program in stages, understanding the definition of core banking transformation, and selecting the right kind of core banking package.  So, thanks for a great year of interesting ideas and discussion — and now let’s talk about the year ahead!

Looking ahead I would like to enable some features and concepts on the blog that facilitate more of a community wide dialogue on banking transformation.  Some ideas:

  • More insightful articles and ideas on banking transformation.
  • Increased feedback loops on articles and moving from an article into a discussion?
  • Private discussions for members?
  • A marketplace for members?
  • Case studies on banking transformation programs?
  • Reference architecture suggestions?
  • Vendor platform architecture review?
  • Interviews with key industry participants?

These are some initial ideas and I am most interested in where you want to see this community evolve. So, please join the discussion and add your ideas to the comments or send them to me VIA email.

Thanks for a great 2011 and all the best to you in 2012!




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  1. Thanks for the feedback, Ben. I did about a years worth of analysis on the major global banking platforms back in 07/08 and enjoyed highlighting the differences between the platforms and the strengths and weaknesses of each.

    For a marketplace, I am not sure but a private place to list core banking software assets or career/contract listings came to mind. Something focused on the banking transformation community and a small, qualified group.



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