Premium Experience Banking based on Surface Technology

Going to a bank branch is for many people as much fun as going to the dentist. You do it because you have to but you do not enjoy it.

People want houses, cars and vacations. But people do not really enjoy payments, loans or retirement provisions and the associated “customer processing” and paper work in banks.

So, what can be done? And what role can technology play to make bank visits an experience instead of a necessary evil?

The future is always there. It is just distributed unevenly.

Already today you can experience how new technology can make a difference in retail banking. One example can be found at Q110 – The Deutsche Bank of the Future in Berlin.

Source: Q110 – The Deutsche Bank of the Future in Berlin

In 2009 Deutsche Bank introduced a new touch technology for premium experience banking based on Microsoft Surface™.

In a relaxing lounge set up within the branch bank customers and advisors do jointly navigate through complex financial matters by simply touching the large table screen.

Technology no longer creates a barrier between customers and advisors like vertical computer screens did. Instead the customer gets full transparency on what is going on and is able to influence the advisory service directly by making own changes on the device.

For customers and bank advisors the Surface technology enables great visualisations of financial products and scenarios and delivers a new dimension of a banking experience.

With the introduction of the new Surface technology Deutsche Bank has significantly increased sales of advisory products in Q110.


2 Responses to Premium Experience Banking based on Surface Technology

  1. There is someone can believe one screen technology can do better banking business?

    It could be better for Deutsche Bank Germany to work on a true on-line multichannel environment…

  2. Although some older customers do enjoy going to the branch in the same way that they enjoy and are reluctant to move away from using cheques and savings books.

    Benjamin Winegarden, Izazi Solutions

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