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Assembly Line Workers and Artisans

End to end process descriptions with business rules, clarity related to organizational structure, position descriptions, security access and approval authority. These are all things that you think would be readily available at any bank. The reality is that process views across most banks is similar to looking through a dirty window. Processes are split between… Continue Reading

The As-Is Security Blanket

Core banking replacements usually can’t support a business case on their own. There tends to be significant process improvements included in all business cases in  support of the core banking replacement. This turns a core banking replacement into a core banking transformation. What is a transformational process? In my opinion a transformational process is any… Continue Reading

Differentiation – it’s the process stupid!

Banks, unlike most other industries, cannot differentiate themselves purely by product offerings. In 1997 the Virgin One Account was introduced providing a revolutionary way of combing personal saving and loans into one account providing an accelerated way to payback debt while reducing a clients’ overall interest payments. By the early 2000’s the Virgin One Account… Continue Reading

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