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US Chip and Pin:  The Metric System All Over Again?

US Chip and Pin: The Metric System All Over Again?

  I have grown up in the confusing world of metrication, where standards and numbers have strange and unusual associated values.  Now, for some reason I have ended up using metric for many measurements but imperial measurements for others.  For speed I like kilometers per hour, for distance as well unless I’m running then I… Continue Reading

Transformation is Dead.. Long Live Transformation!

The death of financial services transformation is upon us.  People are growing tired of the large, cumbersome, bureaucratic initiatives that promise complete a complete shift in business operating models and then deliver either the same capability or even less but with more modern buzz words. The term “transformation” has become a loaded one in many organizations.… Continue Reading

Avoiding the Information Meat Grinder: Information Centric Transformation

I don’t know exactly  what goes into a hot dog.  I haven’t had to think much about it until recently when pressed by my kids.  We try to buy good quality stuff but the best that I could do was say “well.. it’s meat..” — not good enough.  Peppered with specific questions on specific ingredients I… Continue Reading

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