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Avoid these common pitfalls with financial services software adoption

Over the last 5+ years there has been a shift change within the financial services industry away from creating custom software solutions towards adopting packaged off the shelf software and recently towards software as a service and cloud based solutions. What’s driving this and what it means for the organization is a topic for another… Continue Reading

The Paralyzing Possibilities of the Clean Slate.

There is something very exciting about a clean slate.  It is both empowering and challenging.  The empowerment is a function of the many possibilities and the challenge comes from the unbounded possibilities and having to make great congruent decisions. Designing a new solution from scratch is a great creative exercise but also one that forces… Continue Reading

A Risk Management Bazaar

A Risk Management Bazaar

  In 1997 Eric S. Raymond wrote The Cathedral and the Bazaar which stands as a definitive analysis of the differences between a closed approach to software development (the cathedral) and an open approach (the bazaar).  It’s difficult to believe that almost fifteen years have passed and years later looking at how things have transpired since the… Continue Reading

Facebook innovates, provides new ideas on visualizing customer information

              It is an acknowledged trend that consumer focused web applications are driving innovation and expectations for enterprise software.  Web-based, created using recent technologies and devoid of legacy entanglements — firms like Facebook create expectations that are challenging for banks to meet. Two of the new features that Facebook… Continue Reading

Recalibrating, Gracefully

Many core banking transformation programs reach a point where they need to stop, re-evaluate the situation, reformulate the plan and start again with a different structure, plan or players. I think in many cases altering course in a major way is an important and healthy step in a transformation program — but it can be… Continue Reading

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