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The New Reality of Virtual Currencies..

The New Reality of Virtual Currencies..

It still amazes me that people can make money creating and selling virtual scarves in virtual worlds but it’s happening and becoming increasingly normal. When I first heard of virtual currencies they seemed an interesting novelty — created and usable only in virtual worlds.  What caught my attention initially was hearing about a de novo… Continue Reading

Gamifying Banking: What banks can learn from the recent revolution in gaming

Gamification is about creating an engaging user experience that is centered on providing feedback and rewards for interaction and engagement.  Great games have a goal, some challenge and some reward. While I believe that feedback and intrinsic rewards for investing, making loan payments, having great credit scores, and saving are all part of the banking… Continue Reading

The value of a bold vision and a steady hand for transformation

When it comes to transformation initiatives, there are many reasons to avoid a bold vision:  it can be risky and hard to achieve — it can seem overly ambitious and can even appear reckless. Having a bold, powerful vision is a really powerful driver for a transformation initiative especially if the vision is accompanied with… Continue Reading

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