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The Paralyzing Possibilities of the Clean Slate.

There is something very exciting about a clean slate.  It is both empowering and challenging.  The empowerment is a function of the many possibilities and the challenge comes from the unbounded possibilities and having to make great congruent decisions. Designing a new solution from scratch is a great creative exercise but also one that forces… Continue Reading

A Risk Management Bazaar

A Risk Management Bazaar

  In 1997 Eric S. Raymond wrote The Cathedral and the Bazaar which stands as a definitive analysis of the differences between a closed approach to software development (the cathedral) and an open approach (the bazaar).  It’s difficult to believe that almost fifteen years have passed and years later looking at how things have transpired since the… Continue Reading

Facebook innovates, provides new ideas on visualizing customer information

              It is an acknowledged trend that consumer focused web applications are driving innovation and expectations for enterprise software.  Web-based, created using recent technologies and devoid of legacy entanglements — firms like Facebook create expectations that are challenging for banks to meet. Two of the new features that Facebook… Continue Reading

The New Reality of Virtual Currencies..

The New Reality of Virtual Currencies..

It still amazes me that people can make money creating and selling virtual scarves in virtual worlds but it’s happening and becoming increasingly normal. When I first heard of virtual currencies they seemed an interesting novelty — created and usable only in virtual worlds.  What caught my attention initially was hearing about a de novo… Continue Reading

Gamifying Banking: What banks can learn from the recent revolution in gaming

Gamification is about creating an engaging user experience that is centered on providing feedback and rewards for interaction and engagement.  Great games have a goal, some challenge and some reward. While I believe that feedback and intrinsic rewards for investing, making loan payments, having great credit scores, and saving are all part of the banking… Continue Reading

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