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Get this part right: Conceptual design and alignment

“firmitas, utilitas, venustas” – Vitruvius Structural integrity, usability and delight:  a recipe for a great design that can be applied to anything from a car or vacuum cleaner to an online banking platform or a deposit management system. Design has taken more of a front seat in recent years and companies like Apple understand that these three… Continue Reading

It might be time to transform your legacy banking platform if..

Uptime is not measured in terms of nines but instead in terms of ones The ubiquitous channel infrastructure is actually a typewriter Your end of day batch window is actually longer than your daily processing window Mobile banking involves a generator, a green screen terminal, and a very long cable Local popsicle stick, binder twine… Continue Reading

Reasons for (and against) end to end core banking transformation

Should you completely transform you core banking platform?  Should you leave your legacy systems intact and build new user interfaces and integration layers on top of them?  Is doing nothing a good strategy? Perhaps.  I think all of these approaches can be valid depending on the context and the strategy of the organization. Either way,… Continue Reading

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