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Banking Enterprise Functionality – Why isn’t there an app for that?

Six decades into the computer revolution, four decades since the invention of the microprocessor, and two decades into the rise of the modern Internet, all of the technology required to transform industries through software finally works and can be widely delivered at global scale. A great quote from Marc Andreessen from his article Why Software… Continue Reading

Transformation is Dead.. Long Live Transformation!

The death of financial services transformation is upon us.  People are growing tired of the large, cumbersome, bureaucratic initiatives that promise complete a complete shift in business operating models and then deliver either the same capability or even less but with more modern buzz words. The term “transformation” has become a loaded one in many organizations.… Continue Reading

Conceptual Processes – The Art of Putting The Puzzle Together via Solution Planning

Conceptualizing architecture, both solution and technical, is extremely important to successful transformations. More important however is the ability to conceptualize processes against the backdrop of architectural decisions and directions. You may say that this is counter intuitive as business process requirements should drive the conceptual architecture and I would say, in a perfect world and… Continue Reading

If you don’t like change…you’ll like irrelevant less

If you don’t like change…you’ll like irrelevant less. This was the topic of a talk my good friend Paul Leblanc gave recently at the World Lottery Association marketing conference. I’ve included  the video supporting Paul’s talk below. Paul, and his team at Karma Gaming, are taking online gaming to a new level and it is exciting to… Continue Reading

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