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Avoid these common pitfalls with financial services software adoption

Over the last 5+ years there has been a shift change within the financial services industry away from creating custom software solutions towards adopting packaged off the shelf software and recently towards software as a service and cloud based solutions. What’s driving this and what it means for the organization is a topic for another… Continue Reading

Recalibrating, Gracefully

Many core banking transformation programs reach a point where they need to stop, re-evaluate the situation, reformulate the plan and start again with a different structure, plan or players. I think in many cases altering course in a major way is an important and healthy step in a transformation program — but it can be… Continue Reading

Process Centralization – When doing nothing is better than doing the wrong thing

I just got back from vacation and there are two messages in my inbox that are worth sharing. The first is a request for me to be an expert witness for a bank engaged in a lawsuit with a former client. The other is a notification from a former colleague about some significant changes that… Continue Reading

Assembly Line Workers and Artisans

End to end process descriptions with business rules, clarity related to organizational structure, position descriptions, security access and approval authority. These are all things that you think would be readily available at any bank. The reality is that process views across most banks is similar to looking through a dirty window. Processes are split between… Continue Reading

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