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Why Expertise Matters in Core Banking Transformation

Core banking transformation programmes done well are a heart surgery on the bank, removing the dead tissue and replacing it with healthy vital organs.  Done poorly, these programs are absolute buffoonery with practitioners not able to tell the difference between the healthy and the dead organs — and with the sharpest tool being a cudgel.… Continue Reading

Banking Transformation Critical Success Factors: An Infographic

Doing all of these five things well will not guarantee success, but they will provide a solid footing for your program and avoid major structural challenges that will certainly lead to strife if not failure. This is the age of the infographic:  key information presented as clearly and quickly as possible.  Infographics force the message… Continue Reading

The Cost of Core Banking Transformation:  5 Myths Debunked

The Cost of Core Banking Transformation: 5 Myths Debunked

Why is it that when people think about core banking transformation programs an image of “Dr. Evil” comes to mind? There are varied reports for the cost of core banking transformation – I have personally seen smaller investments as well as significant sums allocated to these projects.  Of course, there are various budget sizes for… Continue Reading

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