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An Immature Maturity – Integration Trumps Everything in Core Banking

  “Immature Maturity”; the term popped into my head and came out of my mouth as if the concept had been sitting there, unspoken for years. A client was wondering why a project, which by all indications should have been a slam-dunk, had virtually nothing to show for the millions already spent and current estimates… Continue Reading

Strategic Lipstick: The Art of Achieving Both Long and Short Term Project Objectives

Strategic Lipstick: The Art of Achieving Both Long and Short Term Project Objectives

We all know the rhetorical expression about pigs and lipstick.  The conventional thinking seems to be that if you have a lipstick project, it’s all about the lipstick and let’s forget about the pig entirely.  My thinking is that a lipstick project is a great opportunity to be strategic in an agile way. There is… Continue Reading

Banking Enterprise Functionality – Why isn’t there an app for that?

Six decades into the computer revolution, four decades since the invention of the microprocessor, and two decades into the rise of the modern Internet, all of the technology required to transform industries through software finally works and can be widely delivered at global scale. A great quote from Marc Andreessen from his article Why Software… Continue Reading

Connecting with Clients – Virtualizing the Human Touch

Connecting with clients is perhaps the biggest challenge facing financial services today. Banks are fond of using terms like “Stickiness”  and “Share of Wallet” to define the relationship they are trying to create with their clients. Current processes have unknown, and in some cases outsourced, call centre resources contacting existing clients with the offer of… Continue Reading

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