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Assembly Line Workers and Artisans

End to end process descriptions with business rules, clarity related to organizational structure, position descriptions, security access and approval authority. These are all things that you think would be readily available at any bank. The reality is that process views across most banks is similar to looking through a dirty window. Processes are split between… Continue Reading

The value of a bold vision and a steady hand for transformation

When it comes to transformation initiatives, there are many reasons to avoid a bold vision:  it can be risky and hard to achieve — it can seem overly ambitious and can even appear reckless. Having a bold, powerful vision is a really powerful driver for a transformation initiative especially if the vision is accompanied with… Continue Reading

Get this part right: Conceptual design and alignment

“firmitas, utilitas, venustas” – Vitruvius Structural integrity, usability and delight:  a recipe for a great design that can be applied to anything from a car or vacuum cleaner to an online banking platform or a deposit management system. Design has taken more of a front seat in recent years and companies like Apple understand that these three… Continue Reading

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