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In-Memory of an Eight Hour End-of-Day – Transforming Banks in Realtime

In an effort to speak to other innovations, aside from the popular mobile banking, I thought I would talk about in-memory functionality. There was a recent article in Forbes about SAP’s HANA product and the game changing power of speed in business. I was at SAP’s SAPPHIRE conference in May of 2010 when they announced… Continue Reading

If You Only Have a Hammer Everything’s a Nail – How large consultancies are impeding core banking transformations

When I start working with a bank that is in the midst of a transformation the same questions are always asked: Why is my initiative taking so long to get traction and move forward?   Why can’t we meet the stated goals outlined by the management consultancy that defined the strategy with us?   I’ve… Continue Reading

The Paralyzing Possibilities of the Clean Slate.

There is something very exciting about a clean slate.  It is both empowering and challenging.  The empowerment is a function of the many possibilities and the challenge comes from the unbounded possibilities and having to make great congruent decisions. Designing a new solution from scratch is a great creative exercise but also one that forces… Continue Reading

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