Where to Turn with The Internet of Things?

  Disruption is the new normal in most industries and certainly this has been the case for financial services.  The world of channels alone has been explosive, as has analytics and the world of data.  Data, automation and customer interaction have all changed significantly in the last ten years — and this will continue to… Continue Reading

Here is a Data Approach that is Helping Financial Services Firms do More with Less

Banks are under siege and it looks like this is the new normal — many new entrants are emerging and focusing on the most lucrative areas of banking.  Banks are also under pressure from regulators and while not new these increasing requirements are added on top of everything else.  Most of the people who I… Continue Reading

Small Data – Big Data – The Relevance of Real Time

“Big Data” is a big term; probably one that is used too much. Wikipedia defines “Big Data” as “data sets with sizes beyond the ability of commonly used software tools to capture, curate, manage, and process the data within a tolerable elapsed time“. Tolerable elapsed time – what does that mean? When I was a kid I… Continue Reading

5 Examples of Where Banks Have Missed the Mark with SOA

Oh the heady days of 2006 – when everything was possible and it seemed that by only adding one more layer of abstraction all problems would disappear. I’ve heard mixed reactions to SOA in financial services, but still believe in the approach.  I just think that many organizations believe that they have achieved a services… Continue Reading

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