The Cost of Core Banking Transformation:  5 Myths Debunked

The Cost of Core Banking Transformation: 5 Myths Debunked

Why is it that when people think about core banking transformation programs an image of “Dr. Evil” comes to mind? There are varied reports for the cost of core banking transformation – I have personally seen smaller investments as well as significant sums allocated to these projects.  Of course, there are various budget sizes for… Continue Reading

Revolutionary vs. Evolutionary – Complexity is Killing Your Bank Transformation

    I consider myself a Core Banking Transformation Expert. There is no school for it, no degree that can be obtained, and currently no regulating body to assign a designation and develop a body of knowledge. Expertise, in the case of core banking transformations, can, at this point, only be gained through experience. So… Continue Reading

Banking’s Holy Grail – Knowing Their Followers

Relationships. The social media industry has been built on the human need to connect and maintain relationships. Connecting with friends, linking with colleagues, keeping them both up to date on where,when, and what we are doing, how we feel about it and who we did it with. Our identity can be, and is, validated by… Continue Reading

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