Quantifying Complexity – Changing the language not the conversation

For a mature bank the ability to address new requirements comes down to one thing; agility! To be completely clear I am in no way referring to the Agile software development method. What I am talking about is transforming a bank for quickness, lightness and ease of movement. In ongoing discussions I have been having… Continue Reading

Expanding the Definition of Core Banking – The Confluence of Big Data, PFM, and Real Time Offer Management

Core banking is, for me anyway, constantly evolving. What I mean by this is what I considered to be included in the definition of core banking has continued to expand as the financial services landscape changes and business and customers demand new services, functionalities, and nontraditional sources of new revenue. More and more I see… Continue Reading

An Immature Maturity – Integration Trumps Everything in Core Banking

  “Immature Maturity”; the term popped into my head and came out of my mouth as if the concept had been sitting there, unspoken for years. A client was wondering why a project, which by all indications should have been a slam-dunk, had virtually nothing to show for the millions already spent and current estimates… Continue Reading

Strategic Lipstick: The Art of Achieving Both Long and Short Term Project Objectives

Strategic Lipstick: The Art of Achieving Both Long and Short Term Project Objectives

We all know the rhetorical expression about pigs and lipstick.  The conventional thinking seems to be that if you have a lipstick project, it’s all about the lipstick and let’s forget about the pig entirely.  My thinking is that a lipstick project is a great opportunity to be strategic in an agile way. There is… Continue Reading

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